A man has pleaded not guilty for the second time to murdering his former partner with a knife, the Central Criminal Court heard yesterday.

Mr. Vesel Jahiri told the jury that he was pleading not guilty to the murder of Ms. Anna Finnegan for the second time, after jurors were unable to convict him during his first trial three years ago.

During a preliminary hearing, the jury heard that Mr. Jahiri had broke his bail and failed to attend the final days of his first trial in 2014.

The defendant told the court yesterday that he was pleading not guilty again to one count of murder and one count of assault.

The alleged incident took place at Allendale Glen, Clonsilla on September 21st 2012. Mr. Jahiri was charged with murdering Anna Finnegan using a knife and for assaulting her brother Karl Finnegan.

A warrant was issued for Mr. Jahiri’s arrest in 2014. He was subsequently denied bail.

The defendant’s request for adjournment yesterday was also denied by Mr. Justice Patrick McCarthy. The Judge said that it would be “totally improper” for the accused to decide when the trial would proceed.

Mr. Jahiri told the Judge that he wished to adjourn the trial because he was dissatisfied with the legal representation he received.

The Judge said that the trial would “definitely be proceeding on Thursday,” and that Mr. Jahiri should take up any any other legal issues outside of the courtroom.

Mr. Jahiri told the court that he wanted to represent himself in the trial. “I have evidence that I was set up at the time,” he said.

The trial will commence this Thursday and is expected to last five weeks.