A young man was “held up like a rag doll” and beaten to death on a Tallaght bypass, heard the Criminal Courts of Justice yesterday.

 Mr Sean Gillane SC told the court that 20 year old Dale Creighton was chased onto a footbridge near St Dominic’s Road in Tallaght before being beaten and killed by a group of people. Six men and one woman are charged with his murder.

 The court was told that the incident took place on January 1 2014 between the hours of 3:50am and 4:10am. Mr Gillane stated that the victim was followed to the footbridge where he was struck with a stick or a pole eight or nine times in the head.

 Mr Creighton was then chased up the steps of the footbridge and surrounded by a group of people and beaten again, alleged a witness. Ms Sheila McCarthy told the court that she had seen about six or seven individuals “punching a chap” in the middle of the bypass.

 “He was in the middle and they were all surrounding him. They were kicking and punching him in the head and body,” she said.

 Ms McCarthy added that she heard screaming and shouting as the incident was taking place. When Gardaí arrived, she saw the attackers flee the scene leaving the victim on the bypass. She told the court that “he wasn’t moving.” 

 Another witness alleged that on the morning of the incident they saw a group of men and one woman running away from the footbridge. They told the court that they could see “legs dangling down the first couple of steps.”

 A Mr Kelly who had witnessed the attack from his apartment balcony stated that he had seen a car pull up before the victim was chased onto the footbridge. He claimed that a man got out of the car and punched the victim two or three times before driving away.

 Mr Kelly told the court that he saw “a load of young lads fighting” and one girl who was wearing a white jacket. He claimed that the girl did not attack the victim.

 “She never touched the man on the ground,” he said.

 Garda CCTV footage captured part of the attack, which Mr Gillane described as “vicious, prolonged, and sustained.” He opened the statement for the prosecution by stating that each of the accused were responsible for Mr Creighton’s death.

 Mr Gillane claimed that if they had not intended to murder the victim, they had at least intended to cause him serious injury.

 Mr Creighton was pronounced dead one day after the incident on January 2.  The cause of death was blunt force injury. Mr Gillane told the court that Mr Creighton suffered a “consolation of injuries” from the “cowardly blows” he received.

 The accused Aisling Burke, Graham Palmer, Ross Callery, David Burke, James Reid, Gerard Stephens and Jason Beresford are also charged with violent disorder. Each of them pleaded not guilty to this charge.